We thought to pilot a new initiative for those unable to reach our or other like venues (ie like-minded talks and conferences around Lancashire), and those willing to have some company.

PLEASE NOTE: we are only here to facilitate networking but we cannot take any responsibility for your safety. Please ensure that you take any precautions when offering or accepting lifts.

All you need to do is contact us via the webform and let us know the details. If we have a match we will link you to that person and you can make any arrangements. Please ensure you are ok with sharing your email address with potential matches.

OFFERING A LIFT? We would like this to be out of kindness, particularly if you are driving the same route anyway. However it is understandable if you want to share the expense. If that is the case please make sure that you state details upfront when emailing us. Thank you.

NEW REQUEST: 1 passenger from Darwen

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