Farringdon Park Community Centre 24 Thirlmere Rd, Preston PR1 5TR

Admissions: subscribers free (forms available at venue );

non-subscribers £4.50    Refreshments 50p

Friday 15th February- Jameela Boardman: Education Issues                                         Doors open 19.30, talk begins at 20.00

The establishment wants education to produce people as economic units who obey their rules and are blindly conditioned to accept their version of beliefs without question. This is irrespective of where in the world, or what "beliefs" they may be. It is the self-preservation instinct of a regime. Conversely, 'Nature' requires the passing-on of wisdom, skills and knowledge from the older generations to the younger generation in a way that the young are: Creative, Inventive, Confident, Balanced and Curious - developing their various individual latent talents. The establishment sets Targets for education; this is being 'Object Oriented', where education is defined as passing exams. Materialistic society measures everything in material ways; qualifications and salary being the measure of a person. Conversely, 'Nature' wants a Mind to be opened by education, which is 'Subjective Oriented' or 'Person Centred' - where balanced wisdom and loving kindness are the desired qualities to be developed...So what can We  do?   www.northspirit.org

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